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YJAFC Mission Statement


To be the club of choice, with regards to promoting, encouraging and fostering the game of AFL amongst the local junior sector of the community.


The prime objective of the Yeronga Junior Australian Football Club (YJAFC) is the development of junior AFL football and footballers. To this end, we will provide within the local area, a junior football programme that prepares young footballers both physically and mentally for senior football and their journey through life. Our principal philosophy is the provision of a safe and supportive community-based environment, which encourages skill development, fitness, fair play and teamwork.


The physical and emotional safety of our players is paramount in all that we do.

Whilst success on the field is important, this club places more importance on the concepts of fair play, teamwork and team spirit. Whilst we encourage the support of parents, family and friends, there is no place for the “ugly parent syndrome” within the YJAFC. Abuse of players (of any team), umpires and other officials will not be tolerated. Adults are expected to provide a good example for children and abide by the Club’s Parents Code of Conduct.

The YJAFC is a local club run for the benefit of local children. We will respect the boundaries of other football clubs and expect that they will respect ours. The administration of the YJAFC will be professional, transparent and fair; all duties will be carried out honestly and with integrity.

We will care for the environment in which we play, both home and away.

​We will be part of the community in which we play and to this end co-operate and support other sporting clubs where possible.

The YJAFC believes in fair and equal treatment for all persons involved with the club and opposing clubs.

Club Policies

In addition to AFL Queensland’s codes of conduct, the Club has developed policies, procedures and guidelines to assist it in managing the day-to-day operation of the Club. Please take the time to read through the following Club policies and information: